Full name

Steve Ives


Visualiser Illustrator Designer


London, UK


I have been working for 25 years with various UK and international clients creating exciting visuals and illustrations for Film, Television, Live Events, Retail, Press, the Web and much more.

Thankfully, the days of lugging huge bags of Magic Markers about are over and these days I draw assets by hand and scan them into Photoshop then colour and compose scenes digitally.

I can produce a wide range of finishes depending on the job and your requirements, from fast black and white scamps through to highly-finished Visuals and Illustration.

I have a Design and Art Direction background, so I can interpret various levels of Brief, whether that be a fully fleshed-out concept, a scribble on the back of envelope, or just an email or phone call.

For your projects I supply work-in-progress black and whites prior to colouring.
Photoshop layers allow you to edit and adjust the work as we go to get the desired final result.